Monday, April 29th, 2024 - Pre-Conference Training


First Responder Sleep Recovery
Lunch on your own

Tuesday, April 30th, 2024 - Conference Day 1


Welcome: Tyler March, President
Keynote Speaker: Jessica Rector


Room 1: School Critical Incident Profiles - Stephanie Heaton, Loveland Emergency Communications Center

Room 2: Empowering Communities: 9-1-1 Education for a Safer Tomorrow - Ben Bills, El Paso-Teller County

Room 3: Morale and Wellness Boosters: From Idea to Implementation - Shannon Polito, Help for the Headset

Room 4: Train the Trainer from the Trainee Perspective - Chelsea Hyatt, South Metro Fire Rescue


Room 1: Progressing Professionally in 9-1-1 - Matt Harwell, Lincoln (NE) Emergency Communications Center

Room 2: Routable CAD Network - Lauren DiGiovanni, Datamark

Room 3: Fostering a Revolution: The Power of Coaching, Mentoring, and Shaping Healthy Dispatch Environments - Shannon Polito, Help for the Headset

Room 4: Unmask the Imposter: How to Own the Success You’ve Earned - Andrea King-Smith, Carbyne

Room 5: Does Your Center Truly Have Equal Access - Sara Shover, South Metro Fire Rescue




Vendor Hall


Evening Reception: Cocktail Hour, Dinner, and Comedian

Wednesday, May 1st, 2024 - Conference Day 2


Room 1: Director/Manager Roundtable (Part 1)

Room 2: How to Help When You’re Hurting Too - Sarah Allen, Aurora911

Room 3: Triggers, Trauma, and Telecommunicators - Brandi Powell, Emerge Training and Consulting

Room 4: Taking Charge of Public Education - Samantha Adams, Loveland Emergency Communications Center


Room 1: Director/Manager Roundtable (Part 2)

Room 2: The Power of Us: Building a Working Peer Support Team - Jessica Tresch, Denver 9-1-1

Room 3: Harnessing AI for 911 PSAP Transformation - Jeremy Banks, Carbyne

Room 4: Emotional Intelligence in 911: Navigating the Frontlines with Emotional Labor Theory, Jennifer Ryan-Schwartz, Versaterm


Room 1: From Recruitment to Retention - Roxanne Van Gundy, Lyon County Emergency Communications Center

Room 2: What I Wish I Knew - Stephanie Kerns, Aurora911

Room 3: Emotional Intelligence: The Secret Ingredient to PSAP Success - Jennifer Kirkland, CO PUC and Daryl Branson, CO PUC

Room 4: Intrado

Room 5: How Leaders Champion Change in the PSAP - Andrea King-Smith, Carbyne


Lunch & Chapter Meeting