Wednesday 11 am

Managing Conflict

Room: Big Thompson A

Speaker: Jason Long

Description: In this class we will discuss how to manage conflict within the radio room between co-workers and other personnel(not that there is any of that). This will address the types of conflict, types of employees, and how to handle and manage conflict within the agency to create an effective working environment for all. 

Speaker Bio: Jason started this business to further educate Telecommunicators outside of Kentucky where he is currently the Lead Telecommunications Instructor for the Kentucky State Police Telecommunications Academy & related in-service trainings. Jason has over 20 years of Emergency Telecommunicator experience and has been a Kentucky Law Enforcement Council Certified Instructor for over 10 years. His years of experience, passion for the job, & unique ability to engage participants are why he has instructed personnel from 100+ agencies and presented multiple years at the annual Kentucky Emergency Services Conference as well as the APCO National Conference and several other state conferences. 

Unicorns of 911: How We Achieved and Maintain Staffing in Today's World 

Room: Big Thompson B

Speaker: Gena Baker

Description: I'd like to share the story of how our center went from below minimum staffing to effectively fully-staffed for YEARS. Included is how we stopped our hemorrhage of good people, several out-of-the-box ideas that have improved our advertising, hiring, onboarding, and training processes and how we approach retention.

Speaker Bio: Gena Baker is a Supervisor for Garfield County Emergency Communications Authority in Rifle, CO where she has served her peers, agency, and community since 2008. She wears many hats in addition to working a console including coordinating the training program, public education team, and scheduling for her agency. She has held several instructor certificates through APCO, has served on several industry related committees, and is active in various joint training efforts in her community. Gena also earned a Bachelors of Science in Organizational Management with an emphasis in Human Resources from Colorado Christian University in 2008 as well as her Emergency Number Professional certification from the National Emergency Number Association in 2020.   Her passions within the industry include innovative training of professionals and the public as well as personnel development. Gena finds inspiration, value, and joy in seeing the evolution and successes of others.

A Look Into the Future of 911

Room: Carter Lake A

Speakers: Brad Flanagan and Matthew Harwell

Description: What are the emerging topics and technologies that are becoming a reality or will be a reality within your career? This course provides insight to 9-1-1 Operations Staff about what is being discussed at the national level on emerging tech.

Speaker Bio: Brad Flanagan is the Emergency Operations Manager for the Pitkin County Regional Emergency Dispatch Center in Aspen, Colorado, with more than 13 years of experience in Emergency Communication Center Operations.

Brad earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Public Administration, has completed his Emergency Numbers Professional Certification, and is a Registered Public-Safety Leader.

Brad has committed himself to the improvement of 9-1-1 and Emergency Communications by enhancing and modernizing operations, leadership principles, and equipment. To achieve this goal, Brad actively participates in State and National level committees and boards. Currently, Brad sits on the Colorado NENA/APCO Chapter as the Western Region Representative, the Western Region Delegate for the NENA Institute Board, the Co-Chair of the NENA Futurists Committee, and a voting member of NENA’s Directional Steering Council.

Keeping Calm with Difficult Callers & Officers

Room: Carter Lake B

Speaker: Tony Rutledge

Description: This industry can put us in contact with people who are having a horrible day, or even the worst day of their life. This doesn’t apply to just our callers, although they are often the largest portion of those interactions, it often applies to our officers on the radio as well. This session will discuss how, as dispatchers, we need to and can, remain calm and collected when dealing with these difficult situations. Remaining calm can prevent further problems and help us achieve a more positive outcome for our callers, our officers, and ourselves. 

Speaker Bio: My name is Tony Rutledge, I’m 31 years old and from Texarkana, Texas. I moved to Colorado in April of 2022 to take a position as a 911 Dispatcher for the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office. Prior to becoming an Emergency Services Dispatcher I spent 7 years dispatching for two other industries. When given the opportunity to change industries again I took it and have never been happier in a decision. Since taking on this role I feel I have thrived in it and in life. I have a passion for helping others, including teaching. I am looking forward to my continued growth in this industry and in my career. I hope that a big part of that growth is becoming a source of training and education, both with-in and -out of the industry.

The New Normal: Doing More With Less

Room: Lake Loveland A

Speaker: Maureen Dieckmann

Description: Interviewing & Hiring is a constant workload, overtime is normal and often mandatory, and supervisors are covering shifts while trying to accomplish their daily responsibilities…this is not news and you are all too familiar with the challenges, but what changes are agencies implementing to help stem the flow of departing staff? There are three main areas where you can get help: Workplace culture, Hiring & Onboarding, and Training Program. Attend this session, and while you cannot achieve world peace in a few minutes, you can take away several progressive solutions that are changing the future of staffing. Debunk quick fixes, examine the perils of old school hiring delays, and take away a few strategies that can help ease the pressure. 

Learning Objectives:

Speaker Bio:Bringing over 27 years of public safety industry experience, Maureen “Moe” Dieckmann arrives with energy, conviction, and straight forward coaching… applying real world examples and humor in facilitation, speaking, and professional services that Public Safety personnel can appreciate. Maureen and her team of subject matter experts deliver Leadership Development, QA/QI services, Supervisor Workshops & Training, strategic planning, SOP & policy editing, and technology super sessions meant to improve your processes, boost morale, and support team coping behaviors. You can rest assured, any program delivered by Moetivations will leave you armed with operations best practices and feeling ready to give it your best! Her mission is to save the world, one dispatcher at a time.

Managing The Crazy Days: Organizational & Operational Success (No Matter How Busy It Gets)

Room: Lake Loveland B

Speaker: Christopher Carver

Description: Based on the presenter’s experiences in agencies ranging in size from a one seat Fire Department Dispatch Center to the nation’s busiest Fire dispatch center, this session will offer a how-to-guide on how 9-1-1 and other public safety agencies can handle whatever operational challenges come their way. From policies and procedures, to training and supervision, this session will identify best practices for achieving better results and suggested pre-planning actions to take to help make sure you can handle whatever crazy is thrown at you.

Speaker Bio: Christopher Blake Carver is a nearly 30-year public safety veteran who has served in agencies ranging from dispatcher with a one seat fire/EMS center to Director of the nation’s largest and busiest Fire Department Dispatch Operation—the FDNY. Along the way he has worked for some of the most significant emergency events in recent American History—from Superstorm Sandy in 2012 to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Beyond his operational roles, Chris also served as training coordinator for FDNY and was heavily involved in the multi-year, multi-billion-dollar effort to improve 9-1-1 in NYC through new technology and new facilities.

After his time in FDNY, Chris served as Director of PSAP Operations for the National Emergency Number Association, supporting the roll out of NG9-1-1 and the development of essential standards to improve the performance of the nation’s 9-1-1 Centers. Following NENA, Chris transitioned to the vendor side, bringing his extensive experience and industry insights to Hexagon, where he serves as Director of Industry Development