Wednesday 10 am

Travelling Dispatchers: An Alternative Solution to Covering Shifts

Room: Big Thompson A 

Speaker: Maureen Dieckmann

Description: Attend and participate in the next phase of staffing support.  Discussion includes: 

Save the wellness of your dispatchers, one shift at a time, provide respite and vacation time back to those who have made it through some tough times. If you have managers covering shifts, if you have been short-staffed for a long period of time, then this session is for you. 

Speaker Bio: Bringing over 27 years of public safety industry experience, Maureen “Moe” Dieckmann arrives with energy, conviction, and straight forward coaching… applying real world examples and humor in facilitation, speaking, and professional services that Public Safety personnel can appreciate.  Maureen and her team of subject matter experts deliver Leadership Development, QA/QI services, Supervisor Workshops & Training, strategic planning, SOP & policy editing, and technology super sessions meant to improve your processes, boost morale, and support team coping behaviors. You can rest assured, any program delivered by Moetivations will leave you armed with operations best practices and feeling ready to give it your best!  Her mission is to save the world, one dispatcher at a time.

Women in 911: Reaching for the Star That Is In You!

Room: Big Thompson B 

Speakers: Chandy Ghosh, Monica Million, Diva Miranda-Jones

Description: Women-In-911 is a NENA Alliance empowering women to reach their full potential by advancing them through leadership development, education, networking & mentoring opportunities at all levels of their careers.  This session will share the benefits of joining an organization like WIN and the various programming initiatives offered by WIN.

There will be door prizes!

Speaker Bio: Chandy Ghosh is Chief Operating Officer & GM at Sinch Emergency Services division.  She is responsible for building mission-critical 9-1-1 solutions governed by the Dept. of Homeland Security & the FCC, and audited by the Dept. of Justice and FBI as core law enforcement equities.  Chandy’s telecommunications experience includes positions as Executive Vice President of Technology & Operations at Intrado and VP at CenturyLink/Lumen. 

Ms. Ghosh is CJIS certified and her education includes an MBA in Information Systems as well as B.S. in Physics, Chemistry, Math with a Master of Process certification at Cambridge as well as Harvard Executive Development training.

Chandy is passionate about serving on Boards including Women-IN-911, Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame, HMG Strategy & Colorado Technology Association’s Women-in-Technology, and is frequently invited to speak at industry events around the world.  Chandy remains committed to “luminating” the path for future industry leaders.  She is especially passionate about mentoring women and minorities and serving as a role model for the next generation of technology women leaders.  Chandy is Founder and Chair of Women-In-911, a successful NENA Alliance which offers female First Responders/9-1-1 Dispatchers across U.S. and Canada, many of whom suffer PTSD, a safe place to network and grow. 

Lead Loud

Room: Carter Lake A 

Speaker: Roxanne VanGundy

Description: 911 often puts itself into very tight boxes about what we can and can't be. We complain about what is, but often don't give ourselves the latitude to imagine more. How can we dream bigger, reach farther and change ourselves and our 911 center?  By leading loudly. In this center we will take on misconceptions about our selves, our leadership and our work and take the chance to reimagine what we can be. 

Speaker Bio: Roxanne Van Gundy is the Director of Lyon County Emergency Communications Center in Emporia Kansas. She is in her 18th year of public safety, spanning two states and all positions in the PSAP. Roxanne is the Co-Chair of the NENA Wellness Committee and the Immediate Past President of Kansas NENA. 

Succession Planning in the PSAP

Room: Carter Lake B

Speaker: Kylie Slayton

Description: When planning for the future of your PSAP, are you thinking about all the aspects? We plan for system upgrades, new technologies, and new buildings, but do we plan for new leadership? Identifying and nurturing future leadership from internal candidates is just as important as keeping your center at the forefront of new technologies and standards. Learn what succession planning entails, from identifying key skills and competencies of a position, to resources we can provide and create detailing how to carry out the position responsibilities, to identifying, mentoring, and coaching future leaders before the promotional process begins.

Speaker Bio: With experience as a CTO, Supervisor, and Training/QA Coordinator, as well as a SWAT Crisis Negotiator, Kylie Slayton brings an understanding of the issues surrounding training and leadership within an Emergency Communications Center. She is well-versed in adult learning methods, the struggles of maintaining and constantly improving a high-performing QA/QI program, the everyday trials and tribulations of a frontline telecommunicator and supervisor, and crisis intervention techniques. Having worked in centers where she assisted in the successful completion, attainment, and maintenance of CALEA, APCO Training Program, and dual ACE certifications, she possesses in-depth knowledge of industry best practices and the best methods to increase employee engagement and performance to turn a struggling center into a distinguished PSAP. 

Kylie Slayton served in various roles throughout her six years at Roswell, GA 911, served as the Training Coordinator for the Communications Branch during her first year at the Colorado State Patrol, and is currently serving as the Regional Manager of the Denver Regional Communications Center, where she manages and leads close to fifty telecommunicators. 

Response to Domestic Violence Calls

Room: Lake Loveland A 

Speaker: Jason Long

Description: In this class we will discuss the various dangers involved in dispatching and responding to domestic related incidents. We will discuss reasons the victim may stay and other domestic related statistics. We will discuss ways the Telecommunicator can help prevent responder injuries and death in these everyday calls for service.

Speaker Bio: Jason started this business to further educate Telecommunicators outside of Kentucky where he is currently the Lead Telecommunications Instructor for the Kentucky State Police Telecommunications Academy & related in-service trainings. Jason has over 20 years of Emergency Telecommunicator experience and has been a Kentucky Law Enforcement Council Certified Instructor for over 10 years. His years of experience, passion for the job, & unique ability to engage participants are why he has instructed personnel from 100+ agencies and presented multiple years at the annual Kentucky Emergency Services Conference as well as the APCO National Conference and several other state conferences.

Leading from the Shadows, an Amazing Journey!

Room: Lake Loveland B

Speaker: Troy Cordle 

Description: Everyone leads, no exception! I will share my journey of public service, leadership, becoming a better leader, wanting others to lead with me. “Every successful leader had a great team! But without a team there is no need for a leader.” 

Speaker Bio: Troy Cordle, ENP, has 22 years of PS experience, 6 year Army Veteran. Voted into the community Bol fire dept on Sept 11, 2001. Certified Firefighter, EMT, TERT Team, left the headset (2yrs PT) altogether in 2019 after leaving the State 911 Dept as PSAP Liaison to join RapidSOS and build a CSM team. 

Training, and sharing his knowledge and passion for the 911 profession with dispatchers, directors, police and fire, or anyone that will listen continues to motivate and fuel his daily life!